Once you have, at least a minimal budget, there is a plethora of different services, scrapers and brokers that will help you find the domains you need.

To keep things simple, here’s the wording we’ll use for domains:

  • Expiring – still registered domains available to be bought on registrars’ auctions.
  • Recently Expired – domains that were not bought on registrars’ auctions and have just expired.
  • Expired – domains that have been expired for a long time but still have live links.

Most of the services and brokers focus on expired domains since they’re easier to acquire, have more contextual backlinks and are a lot cheaper than buying on auctions.

Services Sorting Expiring and Recently Expired Domains

In the previous article we already mentioned ExpiredDomains.net. However, if you’re willing to pay for access the services are much, much better. Here are the two of the best:

Services Sorting Expired Domains

You can get the most contextual links if you buy expired domains so this is the best way to get your PBN domains.

PBN HQ Domains is a combination of database and service. They scrape the Internet for the domains but they also do manual spam checking on those domains. PBN HQ integrates with Easy Blog Networks API and will automatically deploy the domain to your EBN account. Domains are sold from $10 to $20 (without registration fee). You can browse their database for free.

Hammerhead Domains has a free marketplace where they show you daily scraped domains. You have to do your own filtering and research. Their premium domains are sold from $50 to a few hundred dollars (registration fee included). You can buy topic packs for $97 for 50 domains (without registration fee).

All of the above services are free to signup, so do it now!

Domain Scrapers

Domain scrapers allow you to scrape specific URLs for expired domains. For example: if you want links from CNN.com you’d enter their URL and the scraper would crawl all of their pages and find expired domains. This is a great way to get contextual backlinks.

The main drawback is that scrapers are really expensive and you’ll have a hard time finding one for less than $100 per month. It’s therefore mostly beneficial for those who need hundreds of domain per month.

Expired Domain Brokers

Domain brokers are people who are doing scraping on a large scale and then filtering domains and offering them to buyers. There are quite a few brokers dealing with expired domains which you can find just by searching for them or asking in PBN Facebook groups. The prices for domains usually range from $50 to $100 per domain. If you’re buying in bulk, you’ll get large discounts.

We recommend Pure Quality Domains as a full-service broker. Just request the niche and number of domains and they take care of everything. Domains have minimum metrics of 15 DA/TF/CF and go through an 8-step manual quality review. Domains start at $40 and go down to $15 for bulk orders (without registration fee).


We highly recommend using PBN HQ and Hammerhead Domains to find your own domains. If money is no object and you don’t want to spend time searching for domains, brokers are the way to go.