There are three free options to finding expired domains. If you have a budget (and we sure hope you do), make sure to read the next article about buying domains. Besides showing you the best marketplaces, it’ll also show you the domain finding services that can help you save hours.

If you want to do it on low budget, you’ll have to spend a lot more time and still have a subscription to at least one of the analysis tools (Ahrefs, Majestic, MOZ – or preferably that includes all three for lower price).

Finding Expiring and Recently Expired Domains with is a solid free resource for finding expired domains. You can browse through expired domains or auctioned expiring domains. The process for filtering is the same for both.

Edit Columns

By default there are way too many columns with data. So we’ll remove everything that doesn’t help us with finding the best expired domains.

Click your username in the top bar on the right and then Column Manager. Set it up so it looks like this:


This is the information that interests us. You can add your own but this should be good enough in the beginning.

Filtering Domains

Chose a batch of domains and click on ‘show filter’. There are three filter tabs: Common, Additional and Adwords & SEO.


Common Filter

You’ll want to make sure you don’t browse domains with fake PR (even though it’s not important, it still shows the owner is doing something shady) and that you’re only looking at the last day’s domains (check the refresh time on the table when you login). Filter domains that have at least 50 backlinks as a minimum (you should still do a complete backlink analysis though).

You can also add the minimum Wayback age of 1 year.


Additional Filter

Additional Filter is different for expired/deleted domains and Auction domains. For deleted domains just check ‘only available domains’.

When filtering auction domains, you can also select the TLDs you’re interested in (com, net, org, info) and max bidding price. From ‘named ending’ drop-down select ‘ending today’.

Adwords & SEO Filter

Here we can choose minimum MOZ metrics. Unfortunately does not show Majestic metrics so you’ll need to check those manually.


Click apply filter. If you like what you see, save your search so you can return to it daily.

Always manually check for backlinks and anchor text profile to really gauge the value of the domain.

In short…

All things considering we highly recommend you invest time and buy domains or use a paid service to get them. See the next article about it.