When it comes to hosting PBN blogs, what worked in the past doesn’t work anymore. That includes “C-Class” and SEO hosting.

Before we dive into it let’s first define an IP.

What is an IP?

An IP is a server address and there are 4 blocks in it – A-block, B-block, C-block and D-block.


In the past you could use this SEO hosting which usually provided only different C-Block IPs. This doesn’t work anymore since search engines expect a diverse range of IPs.

What works best is using different hosting providers, preferably reputable. You’ll also want to make sure you’re using different DNS addresses that are used by legitimate websites.

Again, this is all just simulating real quality backlinks – you’d want to get links from blogs that host on big brand providers. The main problem with this is that it’s time consuming, expensive and a full-time job to manage.

wordpress photo

If you’re using WordPress like a large part of the internet is, you need to keep it updated, backed up and secure. This is crucial because outdated software poses grave security and stability risks. You could easily lose a part, if not the whole of your PBN if you’re not careful.

Performing regular backups is also highly recommended. Not only can it save you in a time of crisis like breaking something on your website, but with regular backups, moving to a new server from an offline one can be done in less than an hour.

In the next article we’ll discuss how you can easily host on different hosting providers and automate all of your maintenance.