Content is a big part of your blog network. It’s a must have and it has to be readable and unique for it to benefit your blogs. Duplicate content and poorly written content will hinder your results.

You have three main options with content:

  • Use Private Label or scraped articles with an article spinner and then manually review.
  • Outsource article writing.
  • Restore the old website.

Using Private Label or Scraped Articles

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Private Label content, known as PLR (Private Label Rights) is content shared by many purchasers. If you want it unique, it’ll take a bit of rewriting. We run the biggest PLR search engine, Big Content Search, which hosts over 128,000 articles and 1000 ebooks which you can use any way you like.

You can also use an article scraper which scrapes article directories. According to their Terms of Use, you’d need to keep the outgoing link to the author’s homepage (but… you know). Our article scraper, Big Article Scraper, gives you access to 1.7 MILLION articles on different topics.

With all the above sources it’s highly recommended you use an article spinner which will make your articles unique. Just make sure to run your articles through grammar check and review them manually. By far the best article spinner is Spin Rewriter, developed by our friend Aaron Sustar.

Uniquely Written Content

For those high-quality blogs you’ll want to get quality unique content. There are many services out there but, being biased of course, we only use our friend Colin’s service Green Light Articles.

Restore The Old Website

This method looks pretty natural, like the old owner forgot to renew the domain. For a price of $15 per website, you can use the Wayback Downloader to restore the old website. For an additional fee, they will convert the website into WordPress.