Let’s first define PBN – Private Blog Network:

PBN is a group of blogs on aged domains and hosted on different servers with different IPs. These blogs are created to simulate natural quality backlinks to the owner’s money site.

Practical Example

Here’s a simple example: Your client is a plumber in your city. You find a domain that years ago belonged to a different plumber. This plumber was featured as a “businessman from a community” in a few local newspapers which brought a lot of links to his website.

He then retired and left the domain to expire. You register this domain and build a new blog on it about plumbing. Since most of the links to the domain are still live, the blog will keep a lot of the authority that the previous owner built.

Can you see the power of this method?

You’re getting high-quality, niche backlinks that you’d pay hundreds of dollars on the market. And you own the domains! We’ll go into more details about finding domains in future articles.

Linking To Your Money Site

When linking to your money site you want to make sure you have mostly branded (URL & brand) and generic (click here, more info here, etc.) anchor text. If you have enough diversity already, you can use a few PBN links with a more keyword-oriented anchor.

There is no point in linking out from one PBN blog to a money site more than once. The first link is worth the most, all others will give you very small benefits.

You should wait about 10-15 days before linking out to your money site (while constantly adding content, have at least 5-7 posts before linking out). Some people report a “sandbox” for links from expired domains so keep that in mind.